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AFROTC stands for Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps. It is one of three major ways young men and women can become officers in the U.S. Air Force, with the others being graduation from the U.S. Air Force Academy or Officer Training School. Only AFROTC offers you a chance to get your degree from one of more than 1000 colleges and universities and receive a commission -- an officer's rank -- the day you graduate.
In a complex and highly technical world, the Air Force needs dedicated and professional leaders. To meet this need, the Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps provides trained men and women who will control the aerospace forces of tomorrow, the engineers and scientists who will develop the advanced systems of the future, and the support personnel who will keep these systems operating.
AFROTC is an educational program that includes courses in history, communication, management, and political science — all related to the Air Force. The mission of the AFROTC program is to educate and prepare college students to be Air Force officers. We continue to provide this opportunity for thousands of college graduates each year, and we offer scholarships to help you complete your bachelor's degree, leadership training to prepare you to meet the challenges in your future and the pride and prestige of being an officer in the U.S. Air Force.
Air Force ROTC offers three-year or four-year program options.  Students at Texas State may enroll in either option depending on how far along in their degree they are.  In either case, a student will begin with the general military course curriculum and training.  As a freshman in the four-year option, you'll attend one hour of class, two hours of physical training, and two hours of leadership laboratory each week during the fall and spring terms.  As a brand new sophomore taking the three-year option, you'll attend two hours of class, two hours of physical training, and two hours of leadership laboratory each week during the fall and spring terms.
In the freshman level academic courses, you'll study the role of the Air Force in the modern world as well as basic tenets of leadership. In the sophomore level academic courses, you'll study the history of the Air Force and the development of Air Force doctrine. 
During the summer after your sophomore year, you'll attend a two-week summer field training, if selected, that offers a first-hand look at the Air Force environment.  Here, your leadership skills will be put to the test as you encounter seemingly impossible obstacles and must work your way to a solution with your team.  All the while, you will be evaluated in your leadership abilities.
When you return, you'll complete the professional officer course during your junior and senior years in which you'll study leadership & management principles and foreign affairs & defense policy as well as manage, organize, direct and evaluate the cadet corps activities.  In fact, this is the primary role of the ROTC program: to give junior and senior-level cadets the opportunity to lead and develop the training program for the freshman and sophomore cadets.  You get two solid years of real, hands-on leadership experience to prepare you for your role as an active duty officer!
During the leadership laboratory, everyone learns about Air Force customs and courtesies, develops leadership and management skills, and explores Air Force officer career opportunities.  When you complete the ROTC program and receive your degree, you will be commissioned as a second lieutenant.  Non-flying officers serve a four-year commitment on active duty, combat systems officers serve six years after training and pilots ten years after training.

Lean More About The Joint Air Force & Army ROTC Dormitory

This year we have an exciting new opportunity for an ROTC specific dorm

The Army & Air Force ROTC Living-Learning Community

New For Fall 2020

Located at Blanco Hall, Residents of the Army & Air Force ROTC LLC will be led by successful upperclassmen in military professional development.

Freshmen across all majors who are interested in military service and opportunities to strengthen their leadership skills are encouraged to apply.


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