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Cross-Enrolled Students

General Information:

Students attending either Texas Lutheran University or Wayland Baptist University (San Antonio campus) may cross-register with Texas State as a non-degree seeking student to attend our Aerospace Studies classes and Leadership Laboratory activities.  All AFROTC requirements are accomplished on Texas State's main campus.

By doing so, you will continue to earn your degree from either Texas Lutheran or Wayland Baptist, but you can also earn a commission through our program.

Contact us by phone, email, or in person and we can send you the required paperwork.  You must meet all admissions deadlines on your own. 

Non-Degree Student Admission

Students with prior college work, and no Bachelor's degree, who are not working toward a degree at Texas State may be considered for admission as a non-degree seeking student. Applicants must submit the Transfer Student Application via  First time applicants must pay the $75 application fee and submit the Special Student Approval Form, referencing AFROTC Crosstown Agreement.  Also required is to review online the New Student Orientation (NSO), fee will be waived.

To qualify, students must either:

  1. Verify an overall 2.25 grade point average in previous college work and must be eligible to return to each previous post-secondary institution attended OR
  2. Have a high school diploma or equivalent and not have been enrolled in any secondary or post secondary institution for the last three years.

Students are limited to a total of 24 semester hours under the special student designation.

Students under this option are not eligible for Financial Aid at Texas State University.  It does not affect your eligibility for Financial Aid at your degree seeking institution.

Cross-Enrolled Student Expectations:

Cross-enrolled students are required to complete all Air Force ROTC activities and take all of our academic courses, the same as any student enrolled at Texas State.  This includes physical training, the leadership laboratory, and the academic classes.

Please contact us directly to ensure you are eligible to participate in our program before applying. 

If you decide to sign up for our program keep in mind the commute times when scheduling your classes for the semester.  Contact us to receive our exact schedule.