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Life as a Texas State AFROTC Cadet

Bobcat Airmen
A cadet’s daily life at Texas State University isn't really that different from any other student’s, with a few exceptions. As future Air Force officers, we pride ourselves on putting in the extra effort, above and beyond the bare requirements, to excel in our quest to become “the standard by which all others are measured.” We understand that we may be called to sacrifice everything in the defense of our nation, including our lives. We take this obligation seriously and realize that we are training for the express purpose of defending our nation.
An AFROTC cadet at Texas State pursues a degree just like every other student, but also takes Aerospace Studies courses, which include freshman (AS100), sophomore (AS200), junior (AS300), and senior (AS400) classes. These classes, along with a two-hour-per-week leadership laboratory, are designed to prepare cadets to assume positions of increasing leadership and responsibility in our modern military and develop their knowledge of the Air Force.
Some of the activities that a cadet might participate in during the leadership laboratory include: drill and ceremonies, sports such as ultimate football and volleyball, paintball, obstacle courses, and briefings about the various topics related to today's Air Force. Recently, Detachment 840 has incorporated expeditionary field tactics into the training regimen.
Outside of class, there are many activities for cadets, both AFROTC and University-related. Some of the AFROTC activities include the annual Combat Dining-In, Dining-Out (Formal Ball), Welcome-Back Socials at the beginning of every semester, and several sub-organizations including Honor Guard. The cadet wing also has cadets involved in athletic, service and social organizations on campus.

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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Here you might find some answers to the questions you have. If you still have questions, feel free to contact us!

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  • All cadets are required to be in the uniform of the day from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm while on Texas State campus every Tuesday and Thursday during the fall and spring semesters. 

    No, you are not required to pay for a uniform. The detachment will supply you with all that you will need once you are accepted into the program.

  • Yes of course! One of our Cadre or POC members would love to show you our Detachment. Please contact us to set up a date and time for your visit and refer to our directions page on how to find us.

  • Air Force ROTC, or Aerospace Studies, can work with any degree. Most of our cadets minor in Aerospace Studies since you will be required to take an Aerospace Studies class, while also enrolled in Leadership Lab (A_S 1000), every semester. 

    Freshmen take Air Force Today classes (AS 1110 and AS 1120), which are 1 credit hour courses.

    Sophomores take Development of Air Power classes (AS 2110 and AS 2120), which are 1 credit hour courses.

    Juniors take Leadership and Management classes (AS 3311 and 3312), which are 3 credit hour course.

    Seniors take National Security Forces in Contemporary American Society classes (AS 4311 and AS 4312), which are 3 credit hour courses. 

    Leadership Lab is a 0 credit hour course.

  • Not at all. We encourage our cadets to choose a degree in a field that they are passionate in and will set them up for a successful future career. As long as you are a full-time student (registered for over 12 credit hours) at Texas State University or one of our cross-town schools, you are free to choose whichever major you please. 

  •  If you want to succeed in this program you will have to dedicate a significant amount of time for ROTC, sometimes including the weekends. Cadets have to meet a 5 hour minimum of mandatory ROTC events every week. These hours include an hour of PT every Tuesday and Thursday, two hours for Leadership Lab, and an hour of AS classes. 

    Although, if you are concerned about fitting ROTC in your schedule, our Cadre is very understanding and can help work with you if you have work, family, or school conflicts. 

  • We have mandatory Physical Training (PT) for an hour every Tuesday and Thursday morning at 6 am that is of moderate/high intensity. Although, we highly recommend new cadets to work out 5 days a week in order to be fully prepared for the Physical Fitness Assessment (PFA). 

For more FAQs, visit the AFROTC FAQ page.